With Steven Soderbergh nearly set to take a directing break after his last batch of films arrive next year, next in line is Kevin Smith — but his may be more permanent. Along with his die-hard fanbase, the love-him-or-hate-him director, has built a bit of empire with his SModcast network, featuring podcasts, web series and even distributing his own films. As we know, he has plans to go out with a bang with his 2.5 hour hockey comedy Hit Somebody (which was supposed to shoot this summer, but has seemingly been pushed back).

Now the entertainer has opened up a bit about this departure from filmaking, as he stopped by to talk with Larry King. He gives a few good reasons on why he’s done and even if you couldn’t care less about where the Clerks helmer is headed, it’s all worth it to see how King reacts when Smith makes a blowjob metaphor. Check out the clip below, along with another discussing one of his big habits, and the rest on Hulu.

Are you more looking forward to Smith’s last film or his retirement?

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