Francis Ford Coppola Annette Insdorf

Few directors can discuss the medium and their craft with the same quality as Francis Ford Coppola, who often fuses his deep knowledge with an extensive experience to make stirring accounts — almost a walking, talking history book. And so while a video cutting together valuable bits from a longer discussion certainly doesn’t feel like enough, the 92nd Street Y’s discussion series has nevertheless brought us another valuable entry, this time conducted by film scholar Annette Insdorf.

Those who’ve witnessed Coppola’s public talks will have some idea what to expect, but even someone such as myself, no stranger to them, was delighted by the tidbits and bon mots shared within. (Even at 76, his comments about the now-invisible line between television and film are wiser and more provocative than just about anything begat from our wretched recap / thinkpiece culture.) Now, if only his long-developing family epic would finally get off the ground…

Take a look below:

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