U.S. Trailer for ‘All These Sleepless Nights’ Blurs the Line Between Documentary and Fiction

Written by on January 18, 2017 

All These Sleepless Nights 2

As I get ready to head out to Park City for another Sundance, a new trailer for one of my favorites from last year’s festival, Michal Marczak‘s All These Sleepless Nights, has arrived. A beautiful journey as we float through the music-filled lives of youth in Warsaw, The Orchard will release the film this spring, following a screening as part of Lincoln Center’s Film Comments Selects. The new U.S. trailer for  the winner of the directing award in its World Cinema – Documentary category at Sundance, gorgeously evokes what makes the film special, as well as including one of our quotes.

I said in my review, “Blurring the line between documentary and fiction like few films before it, Michal Marczak‘s All These Sleepless Nights is a music-filled ode to the ever-shifting bliss and angst of youth set mostly in the wee hours of the day in Warsaw, Poland. Marczak himself, who also plays cinematographer, is wary to delineate the line between narrative and nonfiction, and part of the film’s joy is forgoing one’s grasp on this altering perspective, rather simply getting wrapped up in the immaculately-shot allure of its location.”

Check out the trailer below.

Many of us know the freedom of our twenties—unfettered by responsibilities or mortality, inventing ourselves in the rush of the moment. All These Sleepless Nights viscerally summons that feeling, chronicling life across two Warsaw summers when students Kris and Michal resolve to experience life to the limit. After Kris breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, anything seems possible and Warsaw is his playground. Along with best friend Michal, handsome and wide-eyed, they roam the metropolis at night, floating from party to party, dancing until dawn in makeshift clubs and city squares. With only instinct and desire as their guides, big ideas intermingle with drugs and sex and one thing seamlessly gives way to another. However, when Kris falls for Michal’s ex-girlfriend, the indomitable and alluring Eva, the relationship between the two best friends falls apart. Determined to find his true self, Kris navigates between his memories and future hopes, soon realising that his crusade to understand life has starting to overshadow living it. In a profound and compelling celebration of cinema, filmmaker Michal Marczak captures the very heart and soul of a generation awake enough to dance to their dreams.


All These Sleepless Nights hits theaters this spring.

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