Liam Hemsworth Skips War To ‘Love and Honor’ Teresa Palmer In First Trailer

Written by on August 31, 2012 

After testing out his action muscles with The Expendables 2, Liam Hemsworth is going back to war…and then promptly leaving. Danny Mooney‘s directorial debut Love and Honor features The Hunger Games star in the Vietnam war, who then decides goes AWOL with a buddy in order to win back his hometown girl Teresa Palmer. Sounds like a good enough reason as any.

This first trailer is about as bluntly emotional and sappy as one could imagine, but seems to fit the Nicholas Sparks-esque film that was inevitable for Hemsworth to lead at some point in his career. Now that he’s gotten it out of his way, we look forward to more promising work, such as Phillip Noyce‘s Timeless and Paranoia with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. Check out the trailer below thanks to Vlicious (via The Playlist):

Love and Honor has no distribution yet.

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