With Cannes Film Festival now officially underway and reviews coming in, we’re also getting new looks at some of our most-anticipated premieres. The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão director Karim Aïnouz returns to the festival, just one year after the starry Firebrand, returning to his roots with Motel Destino. Starring Iago Xavier, Nataly Rocha, Fabio Assunção, the stylish first teaser and poster have now arrived for the Cannes competition premiere.

Here’s the synopsis: “The neon-hued Motel Destino, a roadside sex hotel steaming under the burning blue skies of the northeastern coast of Brazil, is run by hot-headed Elias and his restless younger wife Dayana. The unexpected arrival of 21-year-old Heraldo, on the run after a botched hit, disrupts the established order. As the tropical noir plays out, loyalties and desires intertwine to reveal that destiny has its own enigmatic design.”

Watch the teaser below.

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