Coming off his most successful film yet, Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen is sticking to Europe and delivering a star-filled dramedy with To Rome With Love. We’ve got the first trailer today, which sees Allen continuing with a bright, vibrant palette as we learn more about the four vignettes the film is made up of. Focusing most heavily on Jesse Eisenberg and his encounter with Greta Gerwig and her friend Ellen Page, we also get a look at Penelope Cruz, who looks to be playing a prostitute that gets thrown into an upper-class lifestyle. Then there is Roberto Benigni who gets mistaken for a movie star and we only briefly touch on Allen’s storyline. Check it out below for the film getting a release in just a few months.


The film consists of four vignettes, one of which a husband (Allen) and his wife (Davis) travel to Rome and meet the family of the Italian man their daughter is going to marry. Another of the vignettes will feature Benigni as a man named Leopoldo who gets mistaken for a movie star. A third segment will feature Baldwin as an architect from California visiting Rome with his friends. In a fourth segment two newlyweds go to Rome in order to visit some relatives but instead get lost in the city.

To Rome With Love arrives on June 22nd.

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