Hong Kong Trilogy Christopher Doyle

From his years shooting and directing features, most notably under the guidance of Wong Kar-wai, Christopher Doyle‘s developed a love and eye for Hong Kong that few others (much less non-natives) can lay claim to. He’s returning to the latter duty some seven years since the premiere of his last endeavor with Hong Kong Trilogy: Preschooled Preoccupied Preposterous, a single, three-part feature exploring this city’s children, the citizens in their ’20s and ’30s, and its elderly residents.

The first trailer is unsurprisingly impressive on a cinematographic level, but how comprehensive it can be in a brief 85-minute runtime (listed by TIFF) remains to be seen. I’m fairly optimistic, given the intelligence Doyle has shown in both his work and interviews (in spite of a saltiness that’s unmatched), and for now can only hope it comes to U.S. shores before long.

Here, too, is a preview for That Dog, a fifteen-minute short directed by Nick Thorburn (better-known as Nick Diamonds) of The Unicorns. Starring Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, and Natasha Leggero, it follows neighbors who “raise social awkwardness and crass insensitivity to the level of art form.”

Watch the previews below:

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