Perhaps this isn’t any great surprise, but it’s nevertheless nice to hear that Terrence Malick‘s untitled Austin-set drama and Voyage of Time, works we’ve been hearing about for four-to-seven years, will premiere in 2016 — if a close source is to be trusted. When representing Knight of Cups (review here) at the Deauville American Film Festival, producer Nicolas Gonda — along with revealing that “Terry the hermit,” as Telerama not-so-elegantly call him, is currently immersed in editing — “swears that 2016 will be the year Malick, with each of the two films being finished […] [will be] in a major international festival.”

This narrative is consistent with everything we know thus far. Broad Green Pictures have been expected to distribute Knight of Cups, two versions of Voyage of Time, and the untitled picture; since the Christian Bale– and Ryan Gosling-led dramas are supposedly connected, and with the former already slated to hit the U.S. on March 4, 2016, one would think the latter is coming soon. Perhaps another Berlinale premiere and soon-to-follow release are in the cards? (It’s all the more likely when that picture, once called Weightless and currently without a title, was reportedly completed by February of this year.) But I don’t want to jump to conclusions. This, as with all news concerning the helmer, is a real wait-and-see sort of deal, no matter how mind-boggling the possibility of three (technically four) new Malick films in 2016.

Which festivals do you predict Terrence Malick’s next films will debut at?

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