A Sundance title that wasn’t hyped to the heavens? Some anonymity, alone, has yours truly perking up the ears when encountering the preview for writer-director Hannah Fidell‘s A Teacher, which had premiered in Park City this past January to positive notices, yet (somehow) went almost entirely unnoticed in the six months since. (Save for this intriguing bit of writing.) Keeping the low-key approach, Oscilloscope plan to roll out the picture to VOD and theatrical environments over the course of two weeks or so, beginning in late August — so, with the date approaching, it’s time for our own look.

What starts as an intriguing, slightly sexy tale quickly delves into thriller territory, these short glimpses at larger action pointing toward a film that might, tone-wise, live up to a Michael Haneke comparison thrown out by one quote. I couldn’t make a fine guess as to where it might head, but, as it’s edited, Fidell would appear to have something unique on her hands. Let’s keep an eye out.

Have a look at the trailer (via TheDissolve):


Part psychological thriller and part provocative character study, A TEACHER explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher, Diana (Lindsay Burdge), after she begins an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric (Will Brittain). What starts as a seemingly innocent fling becomes increasingly complex and dangerous as the beautiful and confident Diana gets fully consumed by her emotions, crossing boundaries and acting out in progressively startling ways. Lindsay Burdge delivers a deeply compelling and seamlessly naturalistic performance that brings us into the mind of an adult driven to taboo against her better judgment.

A Teacher will hit VOD on August 20, followed by a theatrical release of September 6.

Does Fidell’s picture seem to have a DNA that can separate it from much of the Sundance crop?

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