Years in the making, years of waiting for a pandemic to permit its release, Leos Carax and Sparks’ Annette is finally out. With this momentous day of course comes a soundtrack—15 songs, 41 minutes, new Spotify profiles for people who’d otherwise never have them. (One, with context, so hilariously dire.) Listening as I type this up I find, to my delight, Sparks’ studio recordings granting an experience entirely separate from Carax’s images; and having seen Annette myself, it might behoove prospective viewers to first prioritize latter over former.

We could hardly recommend Annette more, our Cannes review being (if I do say so myself) right on the money in calling it “a work of experimentation, invention, and acerbic joy” nevertheless suffused with pain it’s sometimes too much to stare in the face. This soundtrack works hand-in-hand delivering opulence, decay, and morbid joy.

While we wait for the movie’s sublime version of “So May We Start” to show up online—the latest trailer will have to do—stream below:

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