We’re now just about a week away from the highly anticipated Cannes Film Festival premiere of Leos Carax’s next film, a 40-minute cine-memoir about his work titled It’s Not Me. While not much is known about the approach for the project, it does come with this mysterious synopsis:

For an exhibition, that in the end never took place, the Pompidou Museum asked the filmmaker to reply, in pictures, to the question:
Where are you at, Leos Carax?
He attempts an answer – full of questions.
About himself and “his” world:
I don’t know, but if I did, I’d reply that…

The director is also prepping his next feature, following up 2021’s Annette, and thus far it’s only known that it’ll mark a reteam with Adam Driver. Now, we have news that one of the greatest French actresses working today has joined the project. In a new profile at Le Monde, it’s confirmed Léa Seydoux will “soon” begin filming the Carax project. While no other details were given, it’s quite an exciting pairing and hopefully some more news will slip upon the Cannes premiere of Carax’s latest film.

“It’s funny: me, I don’t feel like I’m an actor. I’m not an actor. It’s just: I open up, I lend my body to a director, but at the same time I’ve never felt I was an actor,” Seydoux recently told Nick Newman. “It’s just me, it’s always me, and I’ve always felt that all the characters that I’ve played actually are me. I’m not in a thing where I’m like this actor, ‘I had to become this character.’ I don’t really have this thing. For me what’s the most interesting––in my opinion; of course it’s very subjective––is when I can see that the actor is giving something very personal. I can feel that; on the screen you can feel when an actor is very opened, and this is what also, as a viewer, I want to see. I want to see someone just there and very ‘real,’ in a way. Like, too-performative––when there is too much performance––it’s not the thing that will touch me the most.”

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