I couldn’t pick a better adversary for the legendary vampire; Italian site ComingSoon.it has reported that Rutger Hauer has been brought aboard to play Professor Van Helsing in Dracula 3D. This latest attempt at the iconic literary and film character is being spearheaded by Dario Argento, the legendary Italian director behind such horror classics as Suspiria, and from all accounts it’s going to be more faithful to the Bram Stoker book that no one has actually read but knows about. Argento is handling both directorial duties as well as writing duties, so if this is horrible, you have him and him alone to blame.

After a long period of time filled with forgettable roles, the 21st century has been pretty damn good to Hauer starting with his appearances in two 2005 blockbusters, Sin City and Batman Begins. His newest movie, Hobo with a Shotgun, screened at Sundance to positive reviews and will be part of the midnight movie selection at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival.

Shooting begins on Dracula 3D in Budapest on May 16th. No word on a release date for either the U.S. or in Europe.

Rutger Hauer fighting vampires under the direction of Dario Argento. Yay or nay, Film Stagers?

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