After earning much acclaim with his Un Certain Regard Cannes winner Rams (which was recently remade with a Sam Neill-led project), director Grímur Hákonarson returned with The County, which follows an Icelandic woman who rises up against her local co-op and the old ways of life in her small village. Following a premiere back at TIFF in 2019, it’ll finally arrive in U.S. theaters and Virtual Cinemas this month, beginning on April 30, and a new trailer has landed from newly-launched distributor Dekanalog.

Jared Mobarak said in his TIFF review, “The County shows that it only takes one person to beat the drum for change to occur. But it also posits just how sinister the opposition can be when its livelihood of means is threatened in the process. I think Hákonarson could have gone further with this aspect of the film because there’s some real suspense built as far as who should be blamed for the tragedy that sparks Inga’s crusade. While he errs on the side of guilt via psychological and emotional means, I really thought the path was being laid for something more concrete. And maybe that was intentional. Perhaps our assuming that truth without spelling it out is part of the bleakly fatalistic message he provides. Not every Goliath can be felled by one rock.”

Watch the new trailer below.

The County opens in theaters and Virtual Cinemas on April 30.

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