A long, long while back, it was announced that Sam Raimi would take on an adaptation of World of Warcraft after finishing Spiderman 4. Not long after that, Spiderman 4 got canceled and there was a bit of silence about everything Raimi-associated. Recently, he’s been in talks to take on a Wizard of Oz re-imagining with Robert Downey Jr., but that’s still up in the air

And so Warcraft still lives on, Raimi currently working with Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) on the adaptation. Recently, he revealed some of his ideas for the potential franchise while talking to Collider. Quoted as saying he finds the world “incredibly, engrossingly terrifying and exciting.” He was also claimed as being a fan of the series, having immersed himself in the game and that he has leveled up to 72 (this is a big accomplishment in terms of playing the video game, or something).

He also said that characters are a big priority for the movie, and that he is trying to find the best stories for them in preparation for how they will play out in the script. And, regarding different characters and their weapons, he said he’s interested in “Orcs with axes” and “Human Paladins with warhammers.” Apparently, this is a big deal.

To see all of Raimi’s comments, on both Warcraft and Oz, check out the video below:

A Warcraft movie (and potential Oz movie) written by a WWII scholar, directed by the guy who made horror fun and superhero movies good? I’m game.

What do you think of Raimi’s comments on a World of Warcraft movie?

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