Last year, reports surfaced on how hard it was to lobby Christopher Nolan into directing a sequel to Batman Begins. Sure enough, after much effort from David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, The Dark Knight went into production and became one of the biggest blockbuster films ever created, with Christopher Nolan at the helm. The third film was planned out with the Joker as the villain, but then the death of actor Heath Ledger shocked the world. Apparently Nolan was so emotionally distraught that he couldn’t see being involved with any more Batman films himself.

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Reliable sources from within the industry are saying that although Paramount would love and desperately want another Batman film to be directed by Christopher Nolan, they have a short-list of backup directors prepared so production could move on if he doesn’t get on board.

“He [Christopher Nolan] is developing story ideas with [Jonathan Nolan] and David Goyer, but it will be until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters]. And that is only an EARLY ESTIMATE at best right now. They are even saying it might not be until 2013.

Around the time of The Dark Knight‘s release, Christian Bale was heard saying he would not do another Batman film without Nolan’s direction. This statement however was recalled by Bale back in April when he confessed to public he had already signed the contract to play Bruce Wayne in a third film.  Essentially the Batman series as a whole is on hold with no story, no director, and no sign of life for quite awhile yet, a very rare occurrence after having such a huge box office hit.

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What other directors do you think could handle the Batman franchise? What other super hero movies would you like to see during the long break between Batman films?

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