In front of Noah Baumbach‘s upcoming film Greenberg, a film that I am greatly anticipating [March 26th], the writer/director has announced that he is working on a new project with acclaimed auteur Wes Anderson, according to The Playlist . Baumbach worked with Anderson on both The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Baumbach said of this new project:

It’s becoming kind of an ongoing document of our friendship, it’s something we keep adding to every time we see each other. At least once or twice [when we meet up] they’ll be something that cracks us up that we’ll go, ‘Oh, that should go into the script,’ but I ‘m not necessarily sure if we’ll end up finishing it. In some ways it’s more fun to just add to it.

He also indicated that it is a project that they’ve had in mind since before Life Aquatic.

Baumbach was behind the camera for the fan-favorite Kicking and Screaming and the acclaimed The Squid and the Whale. The latter was produced by Anderson. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration, especially if its anything like Life Aquatic, which is my favorite Wes Anderson flick.

Will Bill Murray be nearby for this one? Are you for or against Wes Anderson?

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