Secret’s out: the new Irma Vep is great. So says Managing Editor and (granted) Olivier Assayas superfan Nick Newman, though general consensus runs likewise—that the director’s return to arguably his most beloved (certainly his most iconic) project is a valuable, valid update, comparisons between Alicia Vikander and Maggie Cheung being besides the point. After, I’m shocked to realize, years of hearing about it, the eight-part series debuts on HBO this Monday, June 6.

With it comes a trailer that gives much fuller sense of Irma Vep‘s scope, from the horrors of film production to debates over what distinguishes a movie from a series. (Assayas is fairly democratic in his preference.) It suggests an appropriately dense constellation—shades of the 1996 classic, for sure, but plenty that was nary suggested. What’s old is new again and we might have our event of the summer.

Find preview and poster below:

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