Follow French actors on Instagram, is the rule. Not even two weeks after Damien Bonnard let a clapperboard announce his involvement in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Serpent’s Path remake, the great Vincent Macaigne––who gave perhaps last year’s single finest performance in Irma Vep––revealed an Olivier Assayas reunion: production’s just begun on their next collaboration (short? feature? series?) Hors du Temps, or Out of Time en Anglais, with the director’s once-regular DP Eric Gautier on camera duties for the first time since 2012’s Something in the Air.

That, thus far, is that. I’ve done some digging (read: exact-phrase Google searches and logging into an old Cinando account) to little avail. Word last year had it he was working on something for Kristen Stewart (“in preparation” being the expectation-laden term) and some further digging (her IMDb page) suggests no projects currently have her on set. Inconclusive, sure, but new Assayas excites me like little else, not least a year out from one of the greatest works in his decades-long career. While you’re free, even encouraged to share anything you might know via [email protected], we’ll patiently await further word.

In the meantime, read my interview with Assayas about 2022’s Irma Vep.

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