With The Weinstein Company still going back-and-forth with director Bong Joon-ho when it comes to a (needlessly) cut-down version of his apocalyptic thriller Snowpiercer, audiences thankfully have other options to see the Chris Evans-led film. The drama has now been set for a Blu-ray release in France for March 26th, 2014, likely well before we even hear of a U.S. theatrical release.

For those with a region-free player, they’ll be able to import the film, which is classified as Region B / 2, and comes in its full 130 minute original cut. There’s no word yet if English subtitles will be included in the release, but only a minuscule portion of the film is in Korean, with the rest being in English.

One can already pre-order the regular version here (complete with a 52-minute behind-the-scenes documentary) and deluxe version here, which includes a 60-page sketchbook and a 80-page book on how they brought the graphic novel to life. In the meantime, check out a new-ish Japanese trailer below, thanks to Twitch, as well as cover art for the Blu-ray releases below.

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