Brief but stirring, vague if not for lack of worthwhile images, here’s the first teaser for Ahed’s Knee, the new film from Synonyms director Nadav Lapid. Little is known about the picture ahead of its premiere in Cannes’ competition this month, save word it concerns an Israeli filmmaker who ventures to a remote desert village to present one of his works. After meeting Yahalom, an officer for the Ministry of Culture, he “finds himself fighting two losing battles: one against the death of freedom in his country, the other against the death of his mother.”

Enough to be one of the fest’s 20 most-anticipated premieres! Worth noting, too, a new Deadline interview wherein Lapid lays out a bit more of his intent with Ahed’s Knee—requiring a few things to be, if not spoiled, revealed in the process. For yours truly Lapid’s comments give no reason to quell fervent anticpation.

Watch the teaser below:

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