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Today brings some clarification on a recently announced new project from Mia Hansen-Løve, whose excellent new drama Things to Come will arrive in December. Speaking to The Guardian about not making a film directly about herself, but “transpositions” of people she knows, the strength of realizing that filmmaking is what she wanted to do, and more, she also touched on the aforementioned project about a “filmmaking couple.”

She reveals she recently returned from a trip to Ingmar Bergman’s old stomping ground, the island of Faro, where she was getting inspiration when it came to writing the project. Titled Bergman Island, it follows the professional and personal relationship between a film-making couple, but it’s “not really about” her relationship with Olivier Assayas.

“There are a lot of films where you feel like there is no subconscious in them because they are so self-conscious in a way that it blocks the access to the unconscious,” she told us earlier this year. “I try to write films and make them in a way that gives the space and the possibility for the unconscious to find its way through,” which certainly warrants a comparison to the films of Bergman.

As we await more details, check out a new clip from her latest drama below.

Things to Come opens on December 2.

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