It’s the opening day of Todd Haynes‘ Carol, which means if you’re in New York City or Los Angeles you can now see the year’s best film, and for others, it’ll expand in the coming weeks. We’ve reviewed the film, heard from the director and cast multiple times, premiered exclusive posters, and more (see it all here), so what’s left? Evidently, a lot. We’ll have much more coverage in the coming weeks, but today brings Carter Burwell’s official excellent score, which also includes tracks from Billie Holiday, Les Paul, Jo Stafford, and more.

“I began at the opening scene,” Burwell tells EW when it comes to creating his score. “It’s an odd choice, looking back, because none of the main characters appear in that scene. At the same time, I felt it was important that whatever I did for the movie would work there. It would suggest something about the feeling of the film and those characters who you haven’t even met yet. That was my goal. I wrote several different ideas for that and sent them all to Todd. I find Todd very musically astute. It’s not true for all directors but I really trust his judgement on these things. That was the one he thought was definitely the right feeling and level of excitement.”

Along with the score, we also have a video featuring Haynes analyze the scenes, as well as over an hour worth of interviews, final trailer, and another batch of alternate posters. Hit play and check out everything below.







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