Todd Haynes season is in full swing. As May December‘s (too-short) theatrical run winds into a perpetual Netflix future this Friday, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image will begin a massive retrospective––his films, of course, but also the exhibit “Reflected Forms” surveying his corpus, the career-spanning book Todd Haynes: Rapturous Process on sale, and Julianne Moore presenting Haynes their Moving Image Award for Career Achievement on December 4.

Once you’ve collected all that information we’ll point you to an exclusive trailer for MoMI’s retro, which begins on Friday, December 1 with two short-film programs: one is a super-rare presentation of his thesis Assassins: A Film Concerning Rimbaud, while the other features Dottie Gets Spanked and something else that runs 43 minutes, and surely nothing that’s legally prohibited from being advertised. Haynes will be appearing on December 1 and 2; the series runs to December 30.

Watch the preview and find stills from MoMI’s exhibit below:

Photos courtesy Thanassi Karageorgiou / MoMI

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