While he first made an impression in his debut feature film, Short Term 12it’s been thrilling to see the star of Lakeith Stanfield rise. Since his 2013 break-out, we’ve seen him in AtlantaSelma, Dope, Straight Outta Compton, Snowden, Miles Ahead, and most recently, Get Out. For his next role, he’s heading to the Bahamas in the black-and-white, grounded crime drama Live Cargo.

Premiering back at Tribeca Film Festival last year, Gunpowder & Sky Distribution picked it up for a release a the end of the month and have now released the first trailer. Coming from writer-director Logan Sandler, it stars Stanfield and Dree Hemingway as a couple who are reeling from a personal loss and head to the tropical location, only to be caught up in its criminal underbelly. Judging from the preview it looks to be a powerfully atmospheric drama with strong performances.

Also starring Robert Wisdom and Leonard Earl Howze, check out the trailer and poster below.

After an unspeakable tragedy, grieving couple Nadine (Dree Hemingway, ‘While We’re Young’) and Lewis (Lakeith Stanfield, ‘Get Out’) retreat to a remote island in the Bahamas where Nadine grew up vacationing. They’re soon caught up in an ongoing conflict between Roy (Robert Wisdom, ‘The Wire’), the island’s aging patriarch, and Doughboy, a dangerous human trafficker using stolen boats to transport Haitians to the US.


Live Cargo hits theaters and VOD on March 31st.

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