When she’s not working with the greatest auteurs in world cinema, Juliette Binoche is letting loose and exercising her comedic muscles — at least, if this trailer for an upcoming French comedy is any indication. Telle mère, telle fille aka Baby Bump(s) finds the Certified Copy actress as a mother who gets pregnant at the same time as her daughter, and wackiness ensues.

Also starring Camille Cottin, Lambert Wilson, and Catherine Jacob, it comes from co-writer/director Noémie Saglio and there’s no word if we’ll even see it pop up in the United States. Set for a release in France at the end of this month, it’s entertaining enough to see Binoche enjoying herself in this comedic playing field. Check out the trailer below and although there are no hardcoded subtitles, you can get a translation by clicking “CC” then in settings, choosing the language of your choice.


Telle mère, telle fille (aka Baby Bump(s)) hits French theaters on March 29th.

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