We are now in the month of Cannes Film Festival and while we’ve highlighted a batch of trailers and other updates, more are pouring in. Today we have a batch of new previews from films among the selection and near the top of our most-anticipated is the western The Salvation, which features the return of Mads Mikkelsen, who won Best Actor for The Hunt. Directed by Kristian Levring, the film also stars Eric Cantona, Eva Green, Mikael Persbrandt and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

We’ve also got the trailer for another Midnight Screenings selection Chang‘s South Korean actioner The Target, as well July Jung‘s Un Certain Regard drama A Girl at My Door, Stéphane Lafleur‘s Directors’ Fortnight selection Tu dors Nicole, a full-length look at Mathieu Amalric‘s The Blue Room, and lastly, Stéphanie Valloatto‘s political documentary Cartoonists – Foot Soldiers Of Democracy. Check out everything below, along with synopsis, and let us know which film you’re most looking forward to.

The Salvation – Kristian Levring

1870s America. When settler John kills his family’s murderer, he unleashes the fury of notorious gang leader Delarue. Betrayed by his corrupt and cowardly community, the peaceful pioneer must turn vengeful hunter, slay the outlaws, and cleanse the town’s black heart.

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The Target – Chang

Once a skilled mercenary, Yeo-hoon now leads a normal life. One day he goes on an errand and enters an office to discover a man murdered. The killers also attack and chase Yeo-hoon who is shot and wheeled off to a hospital. The murdered man is identified as a renowned corporate leader and Yeo-hoon becomes the prime suspect. He is admitted to the hospital where Tae-jun, who leads a happy life with his pregnant wife Hee-joo, works. While on night duty, Tae-jun saves Yeo-hoon from the killers. The next day, Hee-joo is kidnapped and Tae-jun receives a phone call demanding Yeo-hoon to be released from the hospital for her life. To save his wife, Tae-jun helps Yeo-hoon escape from the hospital and together they embark on a dangerous 36-hour pursuit.

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A Girl at My Door – July Jung

A policewoman named Young-nam gets assigned to a remote, rural port town after being demoted in the city. She meets a local teenage girl, Do-hee, who is being physically abused by her violent stepfather Yong-ha since Do-hee’s mother ran away. Despite the case putting her life at stake, Young-nam tries to find ways to help and save Do-hee. But the mysterious girl develops an obsession about her rescuer.

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Tu dors Nicole – Stéphane Lafleur

Enjoying the family home while her parents are away, Nicole is quietly spending the first weeks of her year off until her older brother Rémi shows up with his music group. The summer then takes an unexpected turn for Nicole and her best friend Véronique.

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The Blue Room – Mathieu Amalric

A man and a woman secretly make love in a bedroom. They exchange few innocent words after sex. At least, this is what the man thinks…

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Cartoonists – Foot Soldiers Of Democracy – Stéphanie Valloatto

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Cannes Film Festival kicks off on May 14th.

Which of the above films are you most looking forward to?

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