Yes, the above headline could be a descriptor for any number of Hong Sangsoo movies, but The Woman Who Ran is one of the South Korean master’s most poignant and entertaining in this regard. Following a premiere at Berlinale last year, where Hong picked up the Silver Bear for Best Director, the film will arrive in theaters on July 9 and we’re pleased to debut the exclusive trailer courtesy of Cinema Guild.

The film––which kicked of another prolific streak for Hong, who after having no new films in 2019, premiered The Woman Who Ran last year then has two new films this year––follows Gamhee (Kim Minhee), who has three separate encounters with friends while her husband is on a business trip. Youngsoon (Seo Youngwha) is divorced, has given up meat and likes to garden in her backyard. Suyoung (Song Seonmi) has a crush on her architect neighbor and is being hounded by a young poet she met at the bar. Woojin (Kim Saebyuk) works for a movie theater. Their meeting is polite, but strained. Before long, their shared history bubbles to the surface.

Rory O’Connor said in his Berlinale review, “Hong’s style continues to disarm, not least his eye for deadpan observational humor. One early scene sees Youngji dryly deal with a neighbor who’s taken issue with her leaving food out for local stray cats. The man’s frustration is deflected until he finally gives in and walks away, revealing the cat who’d been watching on throughout–the director brilliantly treats the feline to its own signature Hong zoom. (You kind of have to be there.)”

Watch the exclusive trailer below.

The Woman Who Ran opens on July 9 at select theaters and will expand. See the list here.

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