What day of the week is it? Tuesday you say? Time to talk about DVDs!

Grab ‘Em Right Away:

The Road

Directed by: John Hillcoat

Written by: Cormac McCarthy & Joe Penhall

Starring: Viggo Mortensen & Kodi Smit McPhee

Why should you buy this? Because it might be the first post-apocalyptic film that takes the drama of the scenario seriously. When you honestly think of the idea of the world coming to an end you consider what it would be like to live in that world ten years after The Big Bang, or whatever you want to call. With these two characters, a struggling father and his son, who hasn’t known anything other than this quiet desolation, your heart is in despair, hoping, scene after scene, this is when they will die. With a number of moments in the film where we stop and delve into what both of these characters true feelings and motivations are we get one of the most original post-apocalyptic films since Mad Max.

True Blood Season 2

Created by: Alan Ball

Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer & Sam Trammell

Why should you buy this? Because it reminds us that a vampire romance doesn’t have to be Twilight; and it’s awesome. I fell in love with this show somewhere around the middle of season 1 and haven’t looked back. Something about the relationship between Sookie and Bill Compton just got me. It’s a great turn on the regular vampire story, where vampires are starting to come out and become a part of mainstream civilization due to the creation of this synthesized drink called True Blood. It supplies a vampire will all the nutrients that they need, therefore taking away a vampire’s need to hunt human blood. However, with vampires being very very old they are also very stubborn. So we must deal with the war between the vampires like Bill Compton who wants to become a part of the human society and the others who refuse to accept this new form of food and want to continue the hunt. With some demon taking over the town while Sookie is away we’re in for a bumpy ride. With Season 3 about to begin, this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up and buy this awesome Blu-ray set.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (Blu-ray)

Directed by: Joss Whedon

Written by: Joss Whedon

Starring: Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion & Felicia Day

Why should you buy this? Because if you don’t the Evil League of Evil will destroy you. Seriously, it’s one of the most original (and one the only?) Internet musicals to ever be released. It won an Emmy for God’s sake. I know most of you already have it on DVD, but Blu-ray is so much prettier and there are like a gagillion more pixels to make it so. Honestly, if you have a Blu-ray player, HDTV (which be honest by now you probably do have) and the extra cash to double-dip I strongly suggest it; or if you straight up never bought this on DVD then this is perfect chance to get it in ‘The Proper D‘.

Special Mention:

Mystery Team

Directed by: Dan Eckman

Written by: D. C. Piersen & Donald Glover

Starring: Donald Glover, D. C. Piersen, Dominic Dierkes & Aubrey Plaza

Why am I talking about this movie? Because it looks like the indie comedy to see. I still haven’t had the opportunity to see the film myself but at this point I’m willing to buy it blind (i.e. without seeing it before hand) just because it has Donald Glover (Community) and the overall buzz the internet has for it ever since they saw it at Sundance. If you want some more info check out the trailer here and also check out a bunch of these guys’ sketches posted over at Film School Rejects today.

Jordan’s Blu-ray Deals of the Week

No Country For Old Men [$14.49]
Collateral [$15.99]
Minority Report [$16.49]

The Rest

Dear John
Leverage: The Complete Second Season
Stagecoach (The Criterion Collection)


Samurai Princess
Flashbacks of a Fool
Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition)
Seven Swords

What are you picking up this week?

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