Oscar-nominee Darren Aronofsky, a frequent submitter to the Venice Film Festival, will head the fest’s committee this fall, at the 68th edition of the festival. In 2008, Aronofsky‘s The Wrestler took home the fest’s top prize, the Golden Lion, and just last year, his Black Swan opened up the festival to a reportedly uproarious standing ovation. His inaugural entry into Venice, which will commence this year on August 31, came in 2006 with The Fountain, starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. [Variety]

The fest’s artistic director, Marco Mueller, initiated the recommendation of Aronofsky, based largely on the filmmaker’s status as “a key figure in contemporary film, whose work constantly engages the evolution and mutations of the many languages of art.”

After dropping out of helming The Wolverine, Aronofsky‘s upcoming slate seems rather thin. According to IMDb, the only project he’s officially expected to direct is Machine Man, based on an adapted screenplay from Mark Heyman (Black Swan). Aronofsky, however, has never been one to rush into his next project.

What do you think of the fest’s decision to have Aronofsky head the jury?

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