November’s a major month for Criterion, who round out 2021 with an induction into the 4K market. Surprising precisely nobody, all 2,160 pixels of their Citizen Kane release are so stacked that a home-video debut for Welles’ The Hearts of Age is nearly a footnote; while Mulholland Dr. is getting more or less the same packaging as before, a new transfer being the notable exception, Menace II Society‘s treatment further shows they’re not taking this new format lightly.

The biggest deal of all, though, might be a six-film box set for the Once Upon a Time in China series, marking Tsui Hark’s entry into the Criterion Collection and first time these films have had anything like a decent U.S. release. A Blu-ray upgrade of La Strada, one of their oldest titles, rounds out an exceptional month.

See artwork below and further details on all titles here:

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