Much as that headline makes me wish someone was simply playing Mad Libs on a slow news day, The Wrap tells us Aaron Sorkin, on the cusp of Steve Jobs, has set his eyes on a new influential figure, Lucille Ball, and has helped rope in another major star: Cate Blanchett. Along with the obvious touchstone that is her legendary career — which, you may know, found its highest point in one of the most beloved television shows of all time — this report makes it sound as if her decades-long marriage to creative partner Desi Arnaz will stand at the film’s center. Considering its “authorized” label and the producer credits for Lucy Arnaz Jr. and Desi Arnaz Jr., I wouldn’t expect anything especially juicy. Despite the period setting, though, I’m sure Sorkin will fit in a monologue about the idiocy of our modern world and why it all matters.

Little else has been said about the Escape Artists- and, by extent, Sony-backed project. Between now and then, though, we’ll get (in addition to the Terrence Malick duology we’re still waiting for) Todd Haynes’ Carol, for which a new poster has been unveiled. We can’t wait for it, especially after our rapturous Cannes review; it’ll enter a limited release on November 20.

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