After capturing the life of sasquatches with their latest feature, Sasquatch Sunset and Kumiko directors Nathan and David Zellner will be shifting to sci-fi for their next film, with Cate Blanchett attached to lead the project.

THR reports Blanchett will lead the sci-fi comedy Alpha Gang, playing Alpha One, “the leader of an alien gang sent on a mission to conquer Earth. She arrives disguised in human form together with her fellow extraterrestrials, posing as an armed and dangerous 1950s leather-clad biker gang. But their ruthless plan is disrupted when the gang catches the most toxic, contagious human disease of all: emotion.”

Ahead of production kicking off this fall Blanchett and “The Zellner brother’s work never fails to surprise and delight us,” said Blanchett and Coco Francini of Dirty Films. “In Alpha Gang, they have created a far-out world in order to lampoon something much closer to home: The hilarious, absurd, and peculiar truth of the human condition.”

Jordan Raup said in his review of Sasquatch Sunset, “Aside from the way these shots of copulation, puking, and farting are conceived and edited––clearly going for a laugh––the duo stick to their guns in imagining what everyday Sasquatch life may actually look like. While such an endeavor may not be everyone’s speed, it makes for a compelling antidote to the Bigfoot lore in popular culture––whether it’s creature feature horror movies or crackpot reality shows attempting to prove their veracity. Notwithstanding some third-act commentary regarding society’s impact on their environment, humans don’t appear at all. The rigorous perspective solely on these mythical creatures is a daring decision––a more compelling experiment than the overdramatized recent entries into the Planet of the Apes franchise––but the end result is more commendable than dramatically captivating.”

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