It wouldn’t be a Damon Lindelof-penned project without its fair share of secrets. After working on Prometheus, his latest project, originally titled 1952, sees him team with director Brad Bird and star George Clooney, but aside from that we know next to nothing regarding the major tentpole.

Reportedly inspired by Close Encounters of the Third Kind, more mystery was recently added to the project, as a box was unveiled last week. Containing elements that Lindelof is using as further inspiration for the film, we didn’t get any substantial findings, but today we’ve got one more hint, as the official title has been revealed.

After using 1952 as a diverting ploy, EW reports, with Disney confirming, that the project is now called Tomorrowland, with Bird also having a hand in the script. There’s no indication if this will directly tie into the future-based Disney theme park that includes Space Mountain, among other rides, but we’d simply guess it’s a nod at the futuristic themes in Bird’s project. Or, it’s simply a remake of the much-buzzed Sundance film Escape From Tomorrow, and you can read our review of that one here as we await more information on Bird’s latest.

Tomorrowland hits theaters on December 19th, 2014.

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