Wes Anderson has made seven films and Bill Murray has had a role in his last six. Doing simple math, one can conclude that the actor/director team will not be parting ways anytime soon and indeed they aren’t. With Johnny Depp leading, Jude Law showing up with Owen Wilson, and Edward Norton more or less confirmed, Murray has finally confirmed he’ll also be checking into The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In an interview with Vulture (via Splitsider) during Toronto International Film Festival for his upcoming drama Hyde Park on Hudson, Murray confirmed the he’s “about to go shoot a movie with Wes Anderson in Germany,” adding that he hasn’t been to the country in a long time. That’s not the only casting though, as a reader has also sent in an excerpt from the latest issue of the UK Magazine The Gentle Woman, where Angela Lansbury, who was previously rumored, confirmed her involvement, saying, “I’m playing woman of mystery, it’s minuscule role. I’m on the screen probably for less than 5 minutes.”

Unfortunately things are still under wraps surrounding plot details, so it looks like we’ll be uncovering his latest project piece by piece. That still leaves Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe and Adrien Brody up in the air when it comes to rumored names, but as long as schedules work out there are little reason why Anderson couldn’t get his desired cast. Even if it was just Murray that showed up, I’d be content, but all these additions, both confirmed and possibilities, make for another excellent ensemble following Moonrise Kingdom.

Production kicks off in December for hopefully a late 2013 release.

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