In the six years since his accomplished narrative directorial debut Diane, we’ve been wondering when Kent Jones would announce his follow-up. As he continues to work with Martin Scorsese on scripting his two upcoming Jesus projects, Jones’ next directorial feature has now been unveiled.

Variety reports Sandra Hüller and Willem Dafoe will lead Jones’ drama Late Fame, scripted by Samy Burch (May December) and produced by Killer Films. The film follows Dafoe as Ed Saxberger, “who wrote a book of poetry a long time ago that no one ever cared about. When a group of young artists rediscover his work, he must reassess his genius. The wild card in the group is Gloria (Hüller), a talented and mercurial theatre actress who toys with affections and who is all set to be admired by Saxberger, this legendary figure from a gritty New York golden age.” Described as “wickedly ironic and unexpectedly poignant,” the film will examine the “illusory effect of praise on the soul, and the lingering ghostly presence of the past, whether it’s imagined or vividly remembered.”

“Killer Films is honored to be re-teaming with Samy on her next screenplay.  Her voice is original, her screenwriting is deeply thematic and she keeps you off balance in the most satisfying and surprising way,” said the producers. “Out of the gate we talked about Kent Jones to direct.  We both loved Diane, and know he will execute the story with his observant, detailed naturalism shot through with humor and feeling.”

Shooting begins this fall in NYC, so expect a 2025 premiere.

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