Earlier this year Andrew Stanton took a bold step, adapting the epic sci-fi story from Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter. Unfortunately, the final project resulted in one of the biggest bombs Hollywood has had and a mixed critical response to accompany it. He’s now stepping into perhaps the safest territory possible, returning to Pixar and one of their most beloved properties.

Deadline reports that Stanton has signed on for a sequel to Finding Nemo, the 2003 film which remains the third highest animated Disney gross of all-time, with over $850 million at the worldwide box office. There’s no telling on what adventure we’ll see Marlin, Dory and Nemo end up on in this sequel story, but despite not commenting, word is that Pixar is pushing forward with a sequel and Disney is happy to have the director return. He has “a concept the studio loves” and there’s even talks of putting him behind another live-action project down the road, but nothing else has been revealed.

With his Pixar brother Brad Bird exceeding all expectations in the franchise-best Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (and plans to follow it up with another major live-action film), it’s a bit of a shame that Stanton, the master behind Wall-E, didn’t find similar success in his live-action debut. The director is still a major talent and I’m excited to see him get another chance. Although with Pixar’s slate full until 2015, don’t expect to return to this world anytime soon — that is, after Finding Nemo 3D hits theaters this September.

What do you think about Stanton returning to Pixar for a Finding Nemo sequel?

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