What do you do when you hear that one of the most uninspired comedies from the 80s is getting rebooted?  Do you: try to plot that end of the world demise that you’ve always wanted to do ever since they made George Clooney play Bruce Wayne? or; realize that there’s no real point in fighting it and just pretend that it’s still 1960 and just stick to the Criterion Collection?  I honestly do not know how to respond to this news that Gladden Entertainment wants to reboot Weekend at Bernie’s (via MovieHole).

Somehow you (as a viewer) know when you watch a movie that certain films were made in certain times for certain reasons.  The 80s were filled with movies that were so well made for the 80s and deserve to remain there.  I’m sure if someone came out and said he wanted to remake Back to the Future or Weird Science in the gritty realistic style that has become so popular today the internet would understand my feelings, but since it’s a movie that is pretty mixed this news will probably pass with little to no haterade being poured out at the parties.  Now I’m not saying that this movie will be gritty when they reboot it, but it just won’t be the same and that’s enough to let me know that this just is a bad idea.

What do you think about watching two guys chase after a dead guy dancing to music again?

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