A breakout from last year’s Directors’ Fortnight (where it premiered alongside The Sweet East), Joanna Arnow’s (deep breath) The Feeling That The Time for Doing Something Has Passed will open on April 26 from Magnolia Pictures, ahead of which is a first trailer.

Rory O’Connor was impressed upon the film’s Cannes premiere: “Developed from a semi-autobiographical screenplay, Passed emits a more endearing, much funnier vulnerability: the kind of jokes that seemed a bit too knowing and cynical in her earlier work now land with delightful fatalism. Arnow stars as Ann, the thirty-something woman in the kind of soulless, mid-level corporate job where a boomer boss calls a meeting to tell you to get on Spotify. Her world is a mosaic of micro-observations: an instant curry that looks like dog food, squeezed from its sachet to the very last drop; the self-satisfied chuckle of someone listening to a podcast on their headphones; a yoga class that’s been Live Laugh Loved to within an inch of its life. Fish in a barrel? Perhaps, but Arnow manages to bring something fresh by simply being so quick and precise: some vignettes last for no more than a few seconds, sometimes cutting just before the punchline.”

Find preview and poster below:

Filmmaker Joanna Arnow’s hilarious comedy, which world-premiered in Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight and is executive produced by Sean Baker, follows a 30-something New York woman (Arnow) as time passes in her long-term casual BDSM relationship, low-level corporate job, and quarrelsome Jewish family.

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