We can imagine no better way to start off your week then this goldmine of special. Airing in 1990, the late duo of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, spoke to three of Hollywood’s top influencers, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese, to talk their future in filmmaking, Hollywood’s current state, as well as moviemaking in general.

Full of fascinating tidbits, Spielberg says he has been circling a biography of Howard Hughes (which, of course, Scorsese would go on to make in The Aviator), while Lucas says he’s still a ways off from return to Star Wars and Scorsese ponders a period romance, which he’d get to make a few years later in The Age of Innocence.

This is simply scratching the surface, as we go into the trio discussing box-office, computer effects, their respective careers thus far, film preservation and much, more. It all wraps up with Siskel & Ebert recommending specific features from each of the directors, so without further ado, dive into the best 50 minutes you’ll spend this week directly below, with a hat tip to Larry Wright for alerting us.

Which tidbits did you find most intriguing in the special? Anything remarkably dated or did their predictions come true?

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