Matthew McConaughey has turned in a string of impressive supporting performances the past few years, in films like Mud, Magic Mike, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Excitement surrounding the “McConaughey renaissance” has culminated with the arrival of HBO’s True Detective and the Oscar-nominated drama Dallas Buyers Club; for the occasion the Texan gave a free talk at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and discussed everything from his acting lessons to the psychology of his most iconic roles.

McConaughey acknowledges the prestige his career has amounted recently. Over the past two years McConaughey claims he’s been able to “tap into characters obsessions and get feverishly drunk on them.” That’s a good description of his week to week work on his Cary Fukunaga-directed series, playing the philosophizing detective Rust Cohle. Turns out McConaughey is as obsessed with the show as its avid fan base and frequently re-watches episodes — no word if he’s dived into H.P. Lovecraft to better understand the series’ demonic bent.

This Sunday you’ll get a chance at a double fix of McConaughey, as he’ll be competing for the Best Actor award at the Oscars while simultaneously starring in the penultimate episode of True Detective. In the meantime, this 50-minute talk will help understand how the charming and affable actor honed his craft and became a top-tier performer. Take a look below:

What’s your favorite McConaughey performance of the last two years?

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