“The draw of Catherine Breillat‘s newest, autobiographical film, Abuse of Weakness, is ultimately to watch how someone so desperately in need can be preyed upon no matter their own intelligence, wealth, or stature. When tragedy strikes, unannounced, via a debilitating stroke, the fear of death and paralysis eventually leads to newfound tenacity and strength — but what no one who isn’t absolutely indebted to the help of others for even the most menial tasks (such as opening a door) can know is that the simple act of showing up may prove all-powerful,” we said back at last year’s TIFF.

With the film now arriving at Film Society of Lincoln Center this Friday, they organized a fantastic conversation between the legendary Huppert and the eccentric John Waters. As one might expect, the talk was enjoyably lively, with Huppert learning what it means to get laid, if there’s a difference working with female filmmakers, reading reviews, collaborating with Michael Haneke, and much more. Watch the full, 45-minute conversation below (and note the audio greatly improves after the very beginning).

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