All of New York’s asking one question: will success spoil Matthew Danger Lippman? Blame for his crash and burn can be placed on The Film Stage. Four months after debuting our contributor’s directorial debut Ain’t No Cure for Love: America (co-starring yours truly needing a haircut), it’s our pleasure pointing you towards his new album (we’re not in music; we won’t call it “a record”) Once You Get Low You’ve Gotta Start Flying Baby, which, from the many years I’ve known him, marks the best music Lippman’s put to tape. And for the compactness of its virtues––funny-downbeat lyrics housed in a panoply of melodies playing across eight tracks spread over 34-and-a-half minutes that never outstay their welcome––a remarkable deal.

Per traditions of album rollout, Lippman recruited filmmaking talent for a couple music videos he also co-directed. Hannah Ha Ha‘s Jordan Tetewsky shot the manic, in-your-face “Tarantula,” while “Set Up” stages an ode to burned-out party style with Violet Cowdin assisting behind the camera.

Listen to the album and find both videos below:

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