One may not exactly imagine the visions of Gaspar Noé to be the ideal way to ring in a new year, but nonetheless, the director has now returned with a new short film. Once again working with the luxury fashion house Saint Laurent following the 51-minute Cannes 2019 premiere Lux Æterna, this new short is, well, shorter, at just under 8 minutes. Titled Summer of ’21, the red-tinged film follows a haunting opening before we enter a house in which Charlotte Rampling seems to rule all.

Featuring the SebastiAn remix of “I Feel Love,” the spot recalls “the first Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques of the Sixties,” notes Variety. The official synopsis adds, “A world bathed by a red, hazy, velvety light, reminiscent of the glory years of giallo or the interiors of Saint Laurent shops from another era. A familiar and timeless feeling. Dreaminess and tension, decadence and danger, like a false torpor. The unsettling strangeness of those girls gravitating around Charlotte Rampling, the mysterious and haunted priestess.”

Watch below.

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