Update: Unfortunately, we’ve heard from Gaspar Noé that the casting update is incorrect. We’ll stay tuned for official updates on his next project.

After exploring sex, drugs, and death in his three previous features, where Gaspar Noé will head next is unknown. However, today we’ve learned he’ll likely be doing it with two of the greatest actors working today.

Following up 2021’s Vortex, the Paris-based Argentine director is now scouting for his next project in Putignano, Italy and, if one of his friends is to be believed, he has cast the formidably fierce pairing of Cate Blanchett and Franz Rogowski to star in the film.

While no other details have been unveiled, it will mark the first time the thespians from the school of Malick will work together as Blanchett comes off some of the best notices of her career following Tár and Rogowski is on quite a streak with the likes of Undine, Great Freedom, and next month’s Passages. As seen in the clip below from last fall, Blanchett previously expressed her desire to work with Gaspar Noé.

A few years ago, when we asked the director what he would explore next, he said, “Each time you try to do something new, but not forcibly. Something that surprises you as a spectator. If you can surprise yourself, you can surprise other people.”

Consider us already surprised by the casting, and as we await for more, check out his recent video store tour below.

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