Following her Best Picture-winning Nomadland and her foray into the MCU with Eternals, director Chloé Zhao has circled a few feature projects, including a sci-fi western take on Dracula, but looks to have settled on an adaptation of Maggie O’Farrell’s novel Hamnet. Set to star Jessie Buckley and Paul Mescal, the story follows William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway and the death of their son, which led the writing of Hamlet. With production not planned to start until the summer of 2024, the director is keeping busy on shorter projects.

After her Budweiser Super Bowl spot last year, she’s now teamed with Blizzard to direct a live-action trailer for Diablo IV, which will be released in June. Co-directed with Kiku Ohe, the spot finds the director once again diving into a fantasy world, this time with more of a tinge than horror compared to what Marvel allows.

“Working with Blizzard, we had the wonderful opportunity to bring the dark, thrilling and imaginative world of Diablo IV to life,” Zhao said. “Diablo fans are very passionate, and many have been with the game for over two decades. We want to do right by the fans, honor the game’s rich lores and visceral world-building while evoking the strong emotions the players feel while immersing in the game.”

Watch below.

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