In an alternate, pandemic-free timeline we’d almost certainly be getting a new feature film by Thai master Apichatpong Weerasethakul this year. Alas, his Tilda Swinton-led The Polygon Gallery‘s exhibition the Third Realm, the Uncle Boonmee director’s rejuvenating new short is titled October Rumbles and takes a rainy, meditative look at reconnecting with nature.

“When Covid began, I was really yearning to connect with people, to Zoom with friends and talk with my actors,” the director said. “I was really longing for physical touch, the act of embracing someone. But after the coming of the rain and seeing all this life around here, I realized I didn’t need any of that. There is enough life here. So I am really content now. That is why I’ve made a number of short films, including this one, all of which involve this rain. My Colombian movie also ends with a long rain. I feel all this connection…and closure maybe.”

Watch below through November 12 only, and read his full statement here. We’ve also embedded extended talk from the director’s visit a few years back to the Walker Art Center.

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