You cannot stop Abel Ferrara. You should not try to stop Abel Ferrara—American (or wherever he can get funding) cinema still needs its uncompromising bravados, and good luck finding anyone who takes up so much slack. The same year his features The Projectionist and Tommaso got theatrical releases, Siberia premiered, and he prepares to roll cameras on the Ethan Hawke-led Zeros and Ones also saw the unveiling of Sportin’ Life, a documentary produced amidst COVID and funded by Saint Laurent (again: get it where you can).

Described in our review as “a documentary about making a documentary,” the Sean Price Williams-shot piece mostly centers on he and Willem Dafoe promoting Siberia at this year’s Berlinale; later months and later events, putting it lightly, seep their way in. Consensus tells us it’s not the most major of works, which makes more understandable why its public premiere is streaming on Indiewire—but the opportunity to watch some new Ferrara is what it is, and that’s not to disregard.

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