‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Assembles in First Trailer

Written by on February 8, 2017 


After The LEGO Movie proved to be one of the surprise hits (and also one of the best animated films) of its respective year, Warner Bros. quickly moved ahead on follow-ups. Before an official sequel will arrive in 2019, we’ll be getting two features in the cinematic universe. With this week’s The LEGO Batman Movie (our review), we’re also getting the first trailer for The LEGO Ninjago Movie ahead of its fall release.

Produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and directed by Charlie Bean (Tron: Uprising), the voice cast features Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Olivia Munn, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Peña, Zach Woods, and Jackie Chan. Based on the TV show and toy line, it features secret ninja warriors teaming up to fight an evil warlord.

Ninjago is one of the most insane places in the universe,” Theroux tells USA Today. “So much of it makes no sense. It feels like it came out of the mind of a kid rather than out of the minds of some people sitting in a writers’ room.” Judging from this first trailer, it looks like another ultra-detailed, self-aware adventure with much more going on in terms of mixing genres.

Check out the first trailer below.

In this big-screen NINJAGO adventure, the battle for NINJAGO City calls to action young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, along with his friends, who are all secret ninja warriors. Led by Master Wu, as wise-cracking as he is wise, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon, The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting mech against mech and father against son, the epic showdown will test this fierce but undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas who must learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash their inner power of Spinjitzu.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie opens on September 22, 2017.

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