Update: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has confirmed to be pushed back to January 17th, 2014. Check out the original story below.

If one looked at a current release calendar they would see that Martin Scorsese‘s next work, an adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street, was opening in just about three weeks time. But with barely anything outside of a debut trailer release by marketing, a perceptive movie-goer would know that won’t be the case. We’ve covered the behind the scenes reason for the delay, which accounts for the filmmaker simply not being ready to lock the film in time, and now we have news on when it’ll actually arrive.

According to LA Times, a number of sources close to the production have confirmed Scorsese will have the Leonardo DiCaprio-led film ready in time for a Christmas Day release. The fall-out, however, looks to be their latest entry into the Tom Clancy franchise, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. As expected, that Chris Pine-led project will likely move to a late January slot, which is a less competitive time spot compared to the tentpole- and prestige-heavy late-year line-up.

We imagine fans looking forward to Wall Street will be happy they won’t have to wait until the following year, unlike when the last Scorsese/DiCaprio collaboration was delayed; with a new trailer expected soon, look for the concrete word from Paramount. When it comes to Jack Ryan, the trailer didn’t seem to swell up much buzz, so perhaps Paramount should be thanking the Wolf team for forcing their hand.

Are you happy with Paramount’s decisions for their next two major releases?

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