With the roles of The Hunger Games love triangle being filled by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, fans are eagerly awaiting word on the rest of the cast for Gary Ross’ much-anticipated adaptation of the bestselling YA novel. Today news has broken that the tributes of District 11 have been cast.

According to EW, Dayo Okeniyi will be playing the wall of brute force that is Thresh, while the role of the slight and song-filled Rue will be filled by Amandla Stenberg. Both are unknowns, which should bode well by fans who decried the casting of so-called names in the lead roles. Plus, this bit of casting news may put to rest early concerns of whitewashing.

With the leads already training to take on the arduous roles of these survival-driven teens, expect more casting news to come out soon!

What do you think of Ross’s Rue and Thresh?

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